Your FREE 7- Step Health Program

Hey Babe!

Are you suffering from fatigue, weight gain, PMS, painful periods,  acne, headaches, and/ or digestive discomfort?

I’ve condensed everything I learned from years (and thousands of dollars) of nutrition education into seven simple steps to make it easy for you to achieve:

  • Pain-free periods
  • hormone balance
  • increased energy
  • clear skin
  • healthy, shiny hair
  • healthy digestion
  • weight loss

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After noticing most of my clients share similar health goals, I decided it was time to map out an effective game plan in book form ASAP! That way those who wish to see big results (but are too busy for health coaching) can still get in on the action!

In this book, I outline an easy to follow 7-step strategy that will help YOU reach your health goals, whether they be weight loss,increase in energy, clear skin, a healthier environment for your family, whole food knowledge 101, or all of the above!

You will find that this book does not preach. You will not be told to go vegan, gluten free, paleo, or follow any type of specific diet. I will give options for some of these things, but they are not mandatory. What’s important is that you follow the steps outlined in this book, and  listen to your intuition and personalize it to your body.

The Impact of Small Steps:

Small steps are powerful. Rome wasn’t built in one day, so why would you expect your journey to health to be any different? Yes, a book can dictate EVERYTHING you need to do to get healthy immediately and all at once, but I personally believe this is too overwhelming, and in the long run, unsustainable.

Taking on too much at once is the classic way to set you up for disappointment. It’s the equivalent of a crash diet, which we all know is not practical. I’m not saying you can’t do it, but why would you want to?

In this book I will outline seven habits, each of which will be integrated weekly, one step at a time. The steps build on each other organically, resulting in a rock solid platform. By taking the time to lay a strong foundation, your healthy habits are less likely to crumble. We aren’t building a cookie-cutter house here guys, we are building a designer mansion with the finest materials. Materials made of willpower, intuition, and knowledge – not just a quick mass-produced formula in the latest self-help diet book.

Small steps become habits, and habits practiced consistently become your character. Habits are important as they have the ability to build up your resistance to disease or they have the potential to burn your house to the ground.

With the seven simple steps I share in this book, you will establish a healthy lifestyle for yourself that will solidify into one heck of a foundation for your house.

And I’m talking an earthquake-proof foundation.

These seven simple steps will pave the way for a healthier you. A healthier you full of vibrancy, abundance, light, and happiness.

I hope you will join me on this journey! And I encourage you to partner up with a friend or two! This way you can support each other along the way.

Health Coach Jenna