My clients come from all over the world! Read below to discover how my health coaching program improved their lives, and to find out how it can do the same for you!


“I had experienced stomach pains for a long time – a number of years – and had intermittently looked into what they were being caused by, but never really committed to addressing the health problems I had been experiencing. Jenna helped me to commit to finding what was causing me to feel less than my best, to find the culprit, and make positive changes to my diet that have improved my quality of life.

– Jen B. from Melbourne, AustraliaHealtherNotions_Logo_Stacked

“Before I started Jenna’s program I was overweight and was tired of not knowing what was healthy to eat on a daily basis. I always felt tired and sleepy through my day and my level of energy was low. I’m a single parent of two boys and I was highly concerned to teach them good eating habits.This program gave me guidance on how to plan ahead with meals that I can afford for my family. I was provided with education to make the right choices for the rest of my life. I now cook every day and feel satisfied after a meal. I no longer feel guilty about the foods that I choose. This program has changed my life completely, from eating right, including exercising every day, and drinking my lemon with warm water in the morning! ” 

-Mayra R. from Houston, Texas HealtherNotions_Logo_Stacked

Thank you for having changed the course of my life. Really. I never had a person have the patience and dedication in explaining how each food affects the body and in solving my hypothyroid condition. Many just say to eat certain foods but do not explain the foundation of the how or why. By giving facts on research you have made, it has helped me to make the actual move in being completely aware of my dietary decision from now on.I am more actively aware of my eating habits and intake than ever before.

– Jennifer L. from Los Angeles, California


The personalized attention and approach from Jenna was the best. Jenna is very warm and caring as well as passionate and knowledgeable about health. Thank you for the expertise and inspiration!”

-Dave B. from Canada


“I was looking to change my lifestyle because there was obviously something that wasn’t working. I was stressed, overweight, often running out of energy and getting injured. Jenna’s an active listener, carefully adjusting her coaching according to my needs. She’s a natural coach who kept me positive and energized – just what I needed as I was going through this lifestyle change! I now have much more energy and I feel stronger. I am making  much better choices with food. It’s just a bonus that I can now fit into some of my old clothes again.”

-Michelle M. from Philippines


“I am so happy with the results! I liked working with Jenna because she is personable, sincere and caring.  She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about health and helping others.  It is important that you have a health coach who makes the client feel comfortable.  I don’t usually share such personal details about myself, especially when they are things I’m not proud of or worried about, and I’m happy I could feel comfortable about telling her details about my personal life.”

-Gene C. from USA


These amazing individuals saw big changes! Sign up today for your initial consultation so you can start seeing some, too!

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